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NameSell is a (white label) domain name marketplace powered by the latest and most advanced technologies to deal in domain names. NameSell provides many unique features i.e free 3d logos and detailed analytics. For more detials please click here

NameSell does not deal in the payments and escrow services yet but it uses third-party payment gateways and escrow services like Escrow ( and DAN ( to handle the payments and provide escrow services. The purpose of using these payment gateways is to gain the trust of both seller and buyer as these service providers have already dealt in thousands of transactions and are well known by the public. Using these service providers will make sure that the transaction is smooth without any fraud. 

Please visit  and for all the available payment options.

When making an offer or buying a domain name the email verification proves you're a legitimate user. This verified email address will also be used to create a transaction.

Payments are handled by Escrow and DAN, please visit and for all the available payout options.

Offers are valid for 7 days only, unfinalized offers will be canceled automatically after 7 days. A courtesy reminder to finalize the offer will be sent to both sellers and buyers 24 hours before the cancellation of the offer.

Once you/the seller accept an offer or you committed to buying a domain, NameSell will create a transaction in the selected payment gateway either or Once a transaction has been created both parties (seller and buyer) will get an email from NameSell with the links to pay or manage the transaction. Payment, escrow service, and payment invoice for the transaction will be provided by the escrow service provider. Please visit and for more information.

If you are facing any issue or you are trying to buy a domain name but there is an error, please contact us to get support, please provide as much information as possible so we can identify the issue and help you rapidly.

Please check NameSell Services Status here.

Admin Application

Once you have created an account, please navigate to Settings > Account > profile to complete your profile. Please click here for more information.

To add a single domain please navigate to Domains > Add a new domain, fill in the information and press "Submit Domain" button. Please click here for more information.

To point a domain name to NameSell, you have to add a CNAME record in your domain DNS records. NameSell prefers Cloudflare to manage the domain DNS records. Please click here for more information.


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