Why should I buy these domain names?

The short answer is to make money!

Before we get into the nitty grityy of how you make money by buying domain names, let's have a look at what domain names are and how a comparison can be drawn with the real estate industry.

Think of a website as a property, and its domain name as its address. In order to get people to come to a website we have to tell them where to find it, and that's where a domain name comes in. Each domain name corresponds with a long digital address cosisting of numbers. Each corresponding domain name has a unique set of numbers. By associating a letter, word or string of letters or words, with a corresponding numerical address, a unique and easy-to-remember address is created. This address (domain name) tells web browsers where to find a particular website among the hundreds of millions that now exist on the Internet.

So, a domain name is like a street address - it determines where your website "resides" in cyberspace.

If you wish to create a website you need to first acquire a domain name. In order to create a website that lets you make lots of money, you need to direct people to your website. And that's where acquiring a good domain name is important. A domain name that is meaningful or catchy stands out and is easy to remember. If its memorable - and the website offers a good visitor experience - there is every chance that visitors will return to the website. If the name is a string of meaningless letters and hard to remember, they may never come back. Great domain names, and good domain names, are essential for online businesses.


A good domain name is based on a number of factors. Obviously, the shorter in length, the better the name. One word is better than two words, and two words are better than three words. But relevance also plays a part, particularly with what we call "generic" domain names, and sometimes two or three-word strings have greater power in defining an online business. A generic domain name describes the category a name pertains to. For example, "" pertains to the automobile industry and covers hundreds of sub-categories. The domain "" however especially applies to the used car industry. If you were specifically looking to set up a website selling used cars online then there would be greater relevancy in the domain name "". Conversely, the domain name "" is 100% relevant to people wating to get the best price on overseas flights. Such a name is easy to remember, easy to brand and enjoys higher rankings in search engine results due to its relevance in searches.


So how do you go about registering a good, catchy domain names like "" and ""? Unfortunately all single words in the English dictionary and strings of meaningful English-language words have been registered as domain names in the .COM top level domain. The most powerful, and relevant, domain names were registered more than 20 years ago. The only .COM names of 10 letters or under that can be registered now are meaningless, gobbledygook names, which are unsuitable for websites. Even most strings of meaningful or relevant words have now been registered as .com domain names and it is now extremely difficult to come up with a meaningful or relevant three-word string available for registration.


But all is not lost as these domains can be acquired in what is called the "aftermarket", a universal marketplace that has evolved over the past 18 years or so for the purposes of buying and selling domain names. There are literally thousands of websites where individuals, groups and companies buy and sell domain names based on their monetary value. The domain names that have the highest value, such as those based on single dictionary words and strings of relevant and meaningful names, are referred to as premium names. That's simply because there is a premium placed on these names in the "aftermarket". The domain name "aftermarket" sees domain names being traded like shares and property, and as each month passes .COM domain names grow increasingly in value simply because they are becoming less available. each time someone buys a good domain name, that's one less good domain in the marketplace.


The rise in value in prime .COM domain names in the past 19 years has been phenomenal and far surpasses that of share market and property market results. The highly commercial single-word .COM names such as are now worth tens of millions of dollars.


Domain names like and other high-value single-word websites are trading off the popularity of their generic names and its only a matter of time before they generate billions of dollars in revenue in a single year. On this basis it's logical to assume that such names will be worth a hundred million dollars or more in the next five to 10 years.


It's also logical to believe that strong generic names that describe a segment of industry or commerce, a product type or a service, will also become quite valuable due to their value in signposting a particular market share. A dot com generic name that describes a segment of commerce is the obvious web destination for anyone wanting to purchase goods or services in that area of commerce. With a world marketplace geared to the demands of seven billion people and becoming ever more so orientated towards the Internet, it's easy to see .COM domain names having increasing commercial importance. Domain names with a strong descriptive generic name that pertains to an area of commerce will quickly rise to a hundred thousand dollars and more. On that basis the names listed on this website offer exceptional value.


We have also listed for sale some .TV domain names because of the .TV top level domain's association with the television and video industry. Increasingly more and more people see .TV as associated with television and streaming web video. The domain name is the perfect name for a television program or streaming video program based around celebrity chefs and cooking.


If you are in any doubt as to the value of the names offered on this website then visit domain name auction websites and look at the prices people are prepared to bid for obscure, meaningless names. That's because good meaningful names are being held in major domain name portfolios and reserved for future development or sale at premium prices. Domain name owners and resellers are now moving to developing their premium and generic domain names as websites, adding huge value to the price of their domains.